These are the current means of taking part in the fun and contributing to the development of Haundrix Chess:
joining the community

Joining the community

Through our online forums you can help other users by answering their support questions, or also take part in the general discussions about new ideas that will shape the future of Haundrix Chess.
You can also subscribe to our news mailing list, to make sure you don't miss any important milestone.
reporting bugs

Reporting bugs

Use our bug tracking system to report bugs so that they'll get fixed in the next release.
requesting new features

Requesting new features

If Haundrix Chess would be more useful to you if it had a given feature, describe it in our feature request tracking system.
contributing artwork

Contributing artwork and sound effects

If you're a designer, you can contribute by creating menu and toolbar icons, general artwork (splash screens, about dialog images, etc.), piece sets, board color themes, figurine fonts, web site design and so on. Sound effects contributions are also welcome.
Please write to our open discussion forum telling us in what area you'd like to contribute.
contributing code

Contributing code

If you're a technology geek, you can contribute with code patches correcting bugs or implementing new features.
Haundrix Chess' source code is available through the GNU General Public License version 3, with a FLOSS additional permission clause.
Please write to our open discussion forum to get in touch with our development team.
making a donation

Making a donation

And last but not least, you can make a money donation. Feel free to contribute with any amount you wish, even a single dollar is appreciated!
By clicking on the link below you'll be temporarily taken to the PayPal website, where your payment will be handled securely: